The Universe & An Old Piano

“The universe is more like music than like matter”. – Donald Hatch Andrews

‘Be Humble for you are made of earth.
Be Noble for you are made of stars’. – Ancient Proverb

The Universe is an amazing place. It is billions of years old and seemingly started with the Big Bang. Hubble estimates there are 100 billion galaxies. It’s all so vast and yet so minute. The atom we discover as a dancing micro universe and the wider universe a magical sprawl of galaxies and constellations. Werner Heisenberg the German theoretical physicist summed it up so well when he said… ‘not only is the universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think’. We are surrounded and filled with mystery and the mysterious.

In this blog we would like to fly our idea of inter-connectivity; interconnectivity as fact and as practice. We all experience separate identities and life as a series of ‘outside of us’ events. Yet there is also a unity and cross matrixing of all things. New quantum physics theory reveals matter is not composed of basic building blocks but complicated webs of relations. Interconnectedness lies at the core of all that exists. So we walk and live in connectedness. Carl Sagan made the point that we are stardust – born of stars and the universe. These big pictures should help dissolve the barriers and silos we create. It tells us that we are one at the level of our very being. We perhaps get a sense of this when we feel connected to others and to our own life. We feel we are all in this together and compose each other’s history and being. If we walk into a room of tension or sadness we can pick up the emotion. A smile or genuine kindness initiates real live connections and can ignite a ‘protonic charge’ thereby positivity emanates and spreads.

Inter connectivity is reality. We respectively urge we must make it our daily practice. The dilemma is we often don’t experience or create a space to believe in inter-connectivity. Our tribal templates create camps and rejection. There are however many examples to call us to new views. The scientist David Suzuki talks of the consciousness among aboriginal people; “Aboriginal people do not believe they end at their skin or fingertips” and he notes there is a deep link and listening to what surrounds them. If universe is more like music these folks know a lot about the song. And that’s the challenge – to hear that song and let music resonate through our being.

Inter-connectivity is a deep well where we can bring its healing and refreshment visibly into our thirsty broken world. Let it spring up in our homes, workplaces and in unlikely places. A friend of one of the authors many years ago offered to go to an elderly people’s home and play piano at Christmas. The home manager asked him how much he wanted to play and our friend smiled and said… ‘Nothing.’ He went and the place was dank and gloomy despite decorations. He sat down before an old piano and played. The room soon lit up. People sang and a sense of real connectivity flowed through the room. Perhaps for the first time in a long time some of these folks felt alive and joined to others in a common ground. An old piano was the medium for inter-connectivity to flow through that room lighting up people and hearts. Our friend was lit up too. The piano was the medium but it was his heart that was the key. This we call a true ‘myometrium moment’.


There is a big lesson here; Empathy and interconnection creates music for our souls and in a room with others a soul orchestra is created. It creates an identified interconnected space which generates in each of us a sense that we are not alone, we all belong, we intertwine.

The good news is that we can be all be Inter-Connectors in an interconnected universe. All we have to do is care and reach out. We may not always feel the connection – with some people we won’t always be able to make it. But that’s Ok. We will make that connection with many and then when we do the magic starts.


We hope as Christmas approaches the powerful currents of inter-connectivity flow through us all. When they do, they create many new magical myometrium moments. Happy Christmas! 🙂


Deirdre Munro & John Walsh

3 thoughts on “The Universe & An Old Piano

  1. Carmel McCalmont

    Wow I love this both😄


  2. Love this, thank you. We are all notes in the Universe’s songbook. Together, we make a magnificent and heart-stirring music

    Liked by 1 person

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